Socks VM Bridge Adapter (English) (New version 18.11.2021)

Virtual Adapter for VMware, Virtualbox, Ethernet

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Socks VM Bridge Adapter (English) (New version 18.11.2021)

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New version 18.11.2021

+ new virtual network adapter.
+ generation of a new Mac virtual network address every time you start
+ DNS Through Socks New ability to connect every VM with DNS Socks5 or DNS SSH

Socks VM Bridge Adapter - a program that allows you to connect a single VM created in Virtualbox, VMware to anonymous networks Tor,SSH,Socks
In other words each VM can have its own network set up separately! One VM will connect to Germany, for example. another to France the third to the USA and so on...

Other features:
-You can connect Ethernet to distribute anonymous Internet to a router or PC
-Connecting some Android emulators


WebRTC substitutes for Socks/Ssh
DNS in each network is different
Anti-ping - slowing down the Internet (saves from two-way ping)
NTP SERVERS — NTP servers of exact time (you can open access to individual servers via the UDP Protocol) configurable function over IP, since you cannot open a loophole to all servers for security reasons.

The program is free for Tor and SSH (just like in the Double SSH Tunnel Manager project)
PS: this is the first release of software in the world, so small shoals are definitely inevitable.

What can this software be compared to ? This software works similar to the Whonix gateway, but with a number of advantages:
- Such as your own DHCP server - this is when you do not need to register the network settings in the OS itself and it connects automatically.
- This is connecting not only TOR but also other protocols like Socks5/SSH in different sequences of the network chain.
- Whonix is more created for VirtualBox and you can only connect a virtual machine from Virtualbox to it. I use my own Tap2tor transmitter, which in turn uses a virtual TAP adapter (the one used in OpenVPN)

Изображение ... dapter.exe
FREE VERSION ... r_full.exe

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